Why Following Through With a Web Project Is So Important

Many business owners are quick to tell our team that they hardly know where to start with the web… and we can hardly blame them.

Website projects can be intimidating and overwhelming, to say the least – they represent an undertaking and an investment that is gigantic in scope. This is especially true for small businesses without resources and staff devoted to the skilled management of their digital platforms. After all, it isn’t just a matter of getting your website online.

Confused? Here’s an explanation.

Imagine This…

Take this hypothetical scenario – you have just spent weeks and hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars setting up a brand new site for your business, and you are extremely proud of what you’ve created with your web team. Still, when it comes time to launch, you realise that there’s still the matter of executing the follow through. After all, what’s the point of your site if you aren’t bringing visitors to it?

This is the often under-appreciated reality of website projects. Their success is generally guaranteed by going far beyond the admittedly complex and necessary task of designing, developing and building your site. To achieve a return on your investment often relies on your equal willingness to follow through on the promise of your platform, post-launch!

Following Through Is All About Having a Plan

Planning for following through on your web project

To take these important and necessary steps towards your success, you first need to solidify a plan for your website that fits with your ultimate goals for being online.

This is crucial we cannot overstate its effect. Don’t leave out the planning phase – if you do, you’re likely to find that your site won’t make the impact that you wish it would.

Fortunately, there are so many different ways to attract eyeballs to your new creation! Depending on your objectives, your ‘follow through’ is likely to look different from the approaches taken by other businesses. Your plan needs to focus on your preferred strategies – these could include strategic marketing, creative promotion, advertising, the production of fresh new content, and/or lead funnels.

Ensuring that your website and its copy/graphics/content are not only engaging for your audience, but optimised for showing up at the top of search engines, is a great first step.

Other avenues worth your consideration include posting regularly on your social media channels (particularly Instagram and Facebook), creating online communities (such as Facebook Groups), setting up digital ad campaigns (on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn), harnessing the power of email marketing, and putting your business ‘on the map’ with Google MyBusiness. 

Once you’ve set up these systems, it’s much easier to take advantage of what you’ve already built and start developing lead funnels to bring the part of your audience that’s aware and engaged along for a journey… with the ultimate aim of creating conversions!

Consider the wide range of digital tools accessible to your business. What combination of these tools would best serve your purpose for being online?

Once you’ve answered this question, you have a plan. You can then move to the implementation phase, and begin to place your creation in front of its ideal audience.

Reviewing Your Website Project

It’s important to not be discouraged if your implementation isn’t leading to the results you want.

Keep experimenting, reviewing analytics, and working at it… don’t be afraid to review and make adjustments!

Of course, there is still the not-so-small matter of manifesting your web project into reality. If you’re dealing with an intimidating ‘blank canvas’, or your existing site is in desperate need of redevelopment, it’s important not to gloss over this and skip to the follow through (in the Creator Club’s process [found below], this is represented by the ‘Deliver and Convert’ stage).

Our process for how to unlock your digital life

This is the Creator Club’s process for how to unlock your digital life. Entering through these doors methodically is a great way to support the success of your web project.

Remember that your website is a creative platform, filled to the brim with untapped potential – your site is a golden opportunity to clearly communicate your message, your brand and your offerings to your target audience. At the end of the day, your planning should take into account the before, during and after stages of the web project!

Good Luck and Best Wishes From the Creator Club!

We hope you’ve gained some valuable insights from this article!

Your next website project could be your very first… or it could be the latest redesign in a line of successful websites. Regardless of your level of experience, it can prove essential to work with a web team that clearly understands your business and its requirements.

At the Creator Club, we pride ourselves in our diligence and holistic execution of Complete Digital Solutions tailored to support the objectives of your business. We’re laser focused on bringing services and components together into neat little packages in a way that seamlessly serves the brands we work with.

For more web project tips, check out our Six Steps to Nailing Your Website Launch eBook! If you have any questions or would like to receive more information on how we can help you nail your website launch, please get in touch with us!