Belly Rubs Boarding

The Belly Rubs Boarding website was in need of a rebuild, and required a series of appealing visual and graphic updates to fill out the content of their site.

Luckily, the Creator Club team are no strangers to this kind of project!

We quickly whipped up a clean and effective site design that fit their requirements as a dog kennel service, and communicated clearly to their customers exactly what they were about.

Additionally, we made massive changes to promote ease-of-use on the client’s end, and provided them with simple instructions for making changes to their site where needed.

For a visual update and rebuild for your already-existing website, join the club!

Best Of Belly Rubs

One Beautiful Website Redesign

Belly Rubs Boarding were in desperate need of a custom website redesign – so we got to work, creating a product that represented the spirit of their brand.

We did this while providing the company with a digital roadmap, to help guide them into the future.

Visual Updates That Communicate Clearly to Customers

We produced neat, contemporary graphics and appealing visual updates for the Belly Rubs Boarding site… these assets ultimately assisted in getting the message across to their target audience, while serving their brand identity justice! 

Integration With Pet Manager

Pet Manager is a cloud software designed for managing kennels, catteries, pet daycares, and other animal boarding/accommodation services.

We integrated the Belly Rubs Boarding website with this amazing digital service; allowing customers to book in their dogs at the kennel with a couple of clicks!

Web Development For a Smooth Transition

Quick web fixes and diligent developer updates ensured all of the content on the Belly Rubs Boarding site was transferred over with the design overhaul… without any nasty bugs!

Structural Web Adaptations to Promote Ease-of-Use

The health of a website is often defined by how easy it is for administrators to edit, publish and manage its content. This is why we conducted an overhaul on the back-end of the Belly Rubs Boarding site.

Together with our digital training resources, the Creator Club made it that much easier for the team to keep their website in check!


2021 Q2




Kennel Service

Creative Highlights

When we ‘get to work’ with a club member, we always end up having our personal favourite aspects of the project!

Here are some of the standout design assets and contributions we made to the Belly Rubs Boarding website… in our opinion!

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