Fearless Drone Academy

Dan Davis (otherwise known as DansTube) has created a fantastic online course for anyone seeking to develop themselves as a drone pilot!

In the Fearless Drone Academy, Dan hands you everything you need to know in order to professionally operate a commercial drone.

Dan’s course is fundamentally valuable for people who want or need to know this info… but one thing he was missing was a captivating landing page to advertise his course, to get it in front of the people who needed it the most.

That’s where the Creator Club came in! We developed a unique web design for his needs, and provided him with a structure for the content on his landing page – all while assisting with the implementation and development of the site.

Now Dan is ready to fly off into the sunset with his amazing drone course, excited to share his amazing knowledge with the whole world!

Have you got an online course that you’re struggling to present to the market? Contact the Creator Club – we can figure that part out for you!

Becoming Fearless!

A Slick Landing Page Featuring Custom Automations

The Creator Club assisted Dan by building a customised information and sales page. Using Zapier automations, we integrated the page we built on WordPress with the Learning Management System that hosts his course!

Implementing a Unique Web Design

The Fearless Drone Academy landing page displays our team’s expertise in delivering design elegance, while keeping the end user experience of his clients and potential customers in mind.

Marketing an Online Learning System

Dan had built out an entire course for people who want to learn how to use a drone… but still needed a way to get it in the hands of folks who would really benefit from it.

This is why he enlisted our help in creating his landing page, which makes it clear how amazing his course really is for up-and-coming drone pilots!

A Specialised Webpage Structure For Maximising Sales

During development, we offered consultation on the structure of the Fearless Drone Academy landing page – ensuring that its overall composition was maximised for converting interested leads into sales.


2021 Q3




Commercial Drones

Creative Highlights

The Fearless Drone Academy is an amazing course for budding drone enthusiasts. We were stoked to work so closely with Dan from DansTube!

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