Fran’s Hydroponics

Fran’s Hydroponics is a highly reputable retailer of hydroponic products, operating all across Australia.

The founder, Fran, personally brought the Creator Club team into the fore. She needed somebody to launch, update and manage the online world of her business. We were the ‘right fit’ for her!

The Creator Club built and designed the whole Fran’s Hydroponics website from scratch! We also worked closely with her to design graphics and other visual assets for her site.

Finally, we’ve been working closely with Fran to create high-quality written resources that are optimised to turn up at the top of search engine listings – ultimately increasing the overall value and popularity of her eCommerce platform, with her company’s target demographics.

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What We’ve Finished For Fran!

We're Devoted to Creating a Stunning eCommerce Platform

Storefronts are moving online more than ever before. Fran knew that this was one trend she needed to respect, if she wanted to keep up in the ever-changing world of business.

We helped Fran’s Hydroponics make the great transition from their physical service into the digital space. Now they have a fast, effective and beautifully designed website fit to meet the needs of their consumers!

Creative Writing and Blog Post Production

Every month, the Creator Club fulfils upon their expectations with Fran’s Hydroponics by engaging in search-engine optimised digital article writing services.

These articles are designed to boost the reach of her online store… all while providing customers with handy and relevant resources in the field of hydroponics.

Design Work Fit For the 21st Century

The Creator Club works in partnership with Fran’s Hydroponics as a ‘digital design lifeline’; unlocking the potential of her branding with modern and striking design work. This allows Fran’s company the key to standing out from her competitors in the contemporary web.

Updates to Logos and Visual Assets

Fran’s Hydroponics unfortunately lost the files to their logo and other important assets!

We stepped in to recreate them in all of their glory – now they have access to everything they need for their digital presence to shine bright.


Consultation is the Key to Digital Success

We keep in touch with Fran and her team on a regular basis – ensuring that the outcomes we are delivering upon are acceptable for them.

The Creator Club proactively advises our club members on potential options in the digital space, while ensuring that we fulfil upon expectations!


2021 Q1





Hydroponic Highlights

We have executed on a wide range of digital outcomes for Fran’s Hydroponics.

Some of the most distinctive results we’ve delivered for her company can be found in this gallery!

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