Paws Plus Claws

Paws Plus Claws is a boutique dog and cat breeding service operating out of Brisbane, Australia.

As two less-than-digitally aware animal breeders, the business owners joined forces with the Creator Club to unlock the potential of their website and digital presence. Our task was to make their site stand out from other similar breeders… and boy, did we deliver!

We did it all. After designing and developing their logo, theme and website from the ground-up, we committed to doing a lot of graphic design work with their existing photographs… along with setting up their social media, and providing consultation and training in relation to their online marketing strategy.

We also created designs for their contracts, booklets and digital banners. In short, we completely set up Paws Plus Claws for online success in their industry.

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Web Plus Design

One Beautiful Website Design

Paws Plus Claws were in desperate need of a custom website design – so we got to work, creating a product that represented the spirit of their brand… all while providing the company with professional digital training.

Giving 'Paws Plus Claws' a Digital Direction

The Creator Club worked closely with the business owners to establish the Paws Plus Claws web presence. We created their website from scratch, set up their social media platforms, and offered them digital training in an effort to transfer our skills and knowledge.

A Customised eBook for Clients and Leads

Good websites usually feature valuable content to hook their audience in. This is why we created an eBook for Paws Plus Claws; helping them to capture and generate leads like never before!

Branding that Communicates Clearly to Customers

The Creator Club produced a neat logo, beautiful booklets and contracts, contemporary graphics and appealing visual updates to the Paws Plus Claws site… to mention just a few of the assets we delivered!

This ultimately helped them get the right message across to their target audience. We kickstarted their creation, and did their brand identity justice!


2020 Q1




Animal Breeders

Round of a Paws!

We’re super proud of how the Paws Plus Claws project turned out. Give this gallery a gander to see what we mean!

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