Better Letters

At the beginning of 2019, in the lead up to the Australian Federal Election, the Creator Club developed a web service designed for activists and community members, alike.

Better Letters is a unique online platform which hands its users the power to send physical letters to members of Federal and State Parliament with just the click of a button.

It wasn’t just politicians, though – Better Letters is a mailing service that can send any letter of your choice, to any address, for a small fee!

The website launched with a series of templates and targeted campaigns that petitioned for specific issues – including cannabis legalisation, data encryption laws, pill testing regimes, a royal commission into the mismanagement of the Murray-Darling Basin, and reforms to nicotine vaping legislation.

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Making Letters Better!

Logos, Animations and Graphics Designed to Unlock Potential

The Creator Club team produced a customised logo, integrated specialised site animations, and created a range of other assorted graphical assets for use on the Better Letters website.

Customised Web Work and Plugins Fit For Purpose

We engaged our customised web development services for this project… including the integration of an API that connects to a service called ClickSend. This automates the sending of physical letters with the input of a digital form.

Development was executed on WordPress, such that the service is now compatible with other websites as a downloadable and expandable plugin. 

Creative Copywriting and Digital Content

The Creator Club produced all of the graphics and copy on the Better Letters website – this includes the videos used for promotion of the service at launch.

Unique Systems and Database Development

The Better Letters site includes a database of Federal and State members of Australian parliament, and has the functionality to take payments for all physical letters sent.


2019 Q1




Petition Service

Creative Highlights

There are some brilliant features included in the design and structure of the Better Letters website!

Take a trip through some of the key highlights of this project, for us…

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