PlantMed is an Australian medicinal cannabis clinic licensed to operate under the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. The clinic is located on Newmarket Road in Brisbane, Australia.

Thus far, the Creator Club has introduced all-new patients to PlantMed‘s services through the design, development and execution of email marketing campaigns and nurturing sequences.

Together with the creation of a physical marketing brochure, and significant updates we’ve made to their website – including editing content, fixing bugs, conducting an SEO audit, adding widgets, and updating the functionality of the contact form – we’ve seen PlantMed generate a flood of additional leads through their online platform!

We’re excited to work with PlantMed into the future on a range of projects; including search engine optimisation, written content development, a live chat feature, and a fully-fledged social media campaign!

Stay tuned for more details… and get in contact with us, if you want to make it happen for your clinic or business!

PlantMed’s Digital Life


Info Brochure Production

PlantMed intended to create a physical brochure for their customers and prospective clients… but they were in need of unique design elements and copy to fulfil this task. The Creator Club made this happen for them!

Massive Website Updates

From major updates to their online contact form, to the addition of custom widgets and the fixing of persistent bugs… the Creator Club worked hard to maintain the PlantMed site, making the digital experience a walk in the park for both the company and its end users!


SEO and Content Auditing

We ran through PlantMed’s existing online offerings; making significant changes and edits to optimise the site for search platforms, such as Google.

A Functional Web Overhaul

The Creator Club is continuing to work closely with the PlantMed team to unlock their potential; bringing their digital vision to life like never before.


2021 Q1




Medical Cannabis

Creative Highlights

Working with PlantMed has been a total pleasure! We are stoked to support the company in taking bold and courageous steps, by expanding and enhancing their web presence.

With that said, the Creator Club team is already loving what we have done for them, so far…

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