Credit Connection

Credit Connection is not your run-of-the-mill mortgage reduction agency! Based in the leafy suburb of Toowong in Brisbane, Australia, they do things differently to your average broker…

Credit Connection had an already-existing website before they began creating with us – we worked with them to update and fix bugs, add brand-new content to the site, and create all-new marketing funnels.

Our team supported Credit Connection’s social media presence with the creation of custom graphics, the setup of a Facebook group, and the production of high-quality videos showing off their amazing team members… which we helped them run ads for!

One of the most significant aspects of the project was the development of an online webinar – entitled the ‘Mortgage Action Masterclass’ – which the Creator Club wrote and produced from scratch, to represent Credit Connection and their Mortgage Reduction Program.

We also conducted significant email marketing and nurturing for Credit Connection via tried and tested email sequences, which generated a host of additional leads for the company.

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Creating Connections

The Mortgage Action Masterclass + Landing Page

The ‘Mortgage Action Masterclass’ is an online webinar which the Creator Club wrote and produced from scratch, to represent Credit Connection and their renowned Mortgage Reduction Program.

We created a unique landing page for this webinar, and supported Credit Connection throughout the delivery of the Masterclass.

New Site Updates, Lead Converters, and Bug Fixes

The Credit Connection website was already online before we came around… we just made some significant additions! 

Adding lead magnets, fixing bugs on the site (be they minor or major), and uploading new content is a big part of what we do. When it comes to the web, maintenance has become our central role!

Generating Customers With New Marketing Funnels

Using email and web forms on custom-built landing pages, the Creator Club assisted Credit Connection with the construction of marketing funnels… which revolutionised their sales process by streamlining contact with potential clients.

Nurturing Leads With the Power of Email

We worked closely with the Credit Connection team to conduct significant email marketing and nurturing via tried and tested email sequences, which generated a host of additional leads for the company.

Social Media Marketing and Deployment

Credit Connection needed help with posting on their social media channels… they also wanted to run online ads. For this, they needed quality graphics and content that matched their visual branding.

The Creator Club obliged – we also deployed and scheduled these posts on Facebook!

'Glowing Up' Already-Existing Testimonials With a Quick Edit!

The Creator Club edited several ‘zoom call testimonials’ for Credit Connection; cutting their 20-30 minute runtimes down to the most essential minute or two, for the benefit of all their followers on social media!

High Quality Video Production and Editing

In partnership with Credit Connection, the Creator Club utilised our talents in videography by producing and editing several breathtaking marketing videos!

Inspired by our relationship with the company, each of these videos highlighted the Credit Connection team members; along with their mission, their values, and their stunning HQ in Toowong.


2020 Q1




Financial Planning

To Our Credit…

We’re continuing to work with Credit Connection to create an outstanding internet presence to attract new clients towards their incredible service.

Curious about what their creation looks like, today? Browse the gallery to the right for a clearer picture!

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